How To Attract More Brides To Your Salon

There is no doubt that beauty and skincare are some of the most important things that a bride will be concerned about before her wedding. Brides-to-be will usually lookout for facial and other skincare services – and this is where your salon can find a way to boost sales. By using effective marketing and carefully creating packages that are suitable for brides, your salon can also use this opportunity to create unique options to stand out from other competitors too.

Create Attractive Packages

Take a look at the services that your salon already provides for regular clients and figure out which ones can also be included in a bridal package. Some salons offer affordable packages that take care of all needs from head to toe that usually include some great skincare services. It’s a matter of creating a range of services that would appeal to brides. Photo sessions are some of the most important parts of the big day, and the bride needs to look great and well-groomed at all times. Keep these things in mind when designing these special packages.

Offer Special Services

Brides are especially particular about the bridal hair and makeup Sydney look for the event – and salons can certainly benefit from creating packages with these services. You can create packages that feature special facials and body treatments including additions like manicures or pedicures as well. Some other ideas can include packages for the bridesmaids or even offering champagne for the wedding party. Brides-to-be will often be stressed out about the organizing the event, your salon can consider giving someone a relaxing experience where they can enjoy being pampered.

Build Professional Relationships Within The Wedding Industry

Brides will be looking for someone who can create their perfect wedding hair and makeup, and often ask for recommendations from other businesses in the wedding industry. You can get better opportunities to attract brides to your salon when you form a great professional rapport with other businesses such as florists or planners. Most salons have managed to gain more than a few clients this way.

Look At Other Competitors

Are other salons in your area offering bridal packages? Or do you see any unique services that your salon can offer to brides? Analyze your competitors to find out what can be introduced and how the salon can stand out from the rest. In the same way, you can also get some ideas on how to create these types of packages and carry out effective marketing or advertising plans to make things more appealing to brides.

Colour-Play: Popular Colours That Can Transform Your Locks

There are many colours in the market today that can be used to colour up and give some added punch to your mane. There are the subtle shades that bring out the inner lady in you with its sophisticated yet sultry tones and then there are those smack in your face, funky shades that will make heads turn. Here are some of the most popular shades that have taken the fashion world by storm lately.

The chocolates that never die

Be it a head of curly or straight locks many of the trusted hair salon services around will tell you that chocolates and their immediate cousins like browns, chestnut, burgundy, coffee etc. look good on a lot of people and can really add to your overall appearance. It is also true that the colour can be maintained easily and because no bleaching is required, it will also minimize on the damage done to your tresses. In addition, if you are a corporate employee it will not get you into trouble with HR either. 

Evergreen honey shades

Blonde, golden blonde, honey, dirty blonde you name it. Basically just like the browns and chocolates, these are also some very classy and subtle colours that the majority of clients can try. If you do have dark tresses though there will need to be a lot of beaching so you might be better off looking at darker shades. The colours if done right can be easily managed with some good quality products such as Kevin murphy shampoo and will not take out a lot of your budget either.

Violet and indigo shades

These are the red spectrums that start at reddish browns and go into the far corners of purple, violet and indigo verging on blue. These shades are ideal for people with really dark locks who will otherwise have to really bleach out their mane. They look unique and classy and can really bring out your features too.

Crazy colours

This is probably the most asked for shade or shades when it comes to colouring nowadays. They include a wide range of colours such as green, blue, pink, yellow, red, orange, purple, magenta and other neon rainbow shades. While they look really great and vibrant they will not stay on for a long time. Your stylist will let you know that the maximum number of washes this type of colour can hold is roughly around ten and nothing more. It will need to be retouched if you want to keep the same vibrancy that was there in the beginning. Therefore while it is exciting to have a pixie mane, it is also important to take into consideration the costs and the amount of possible damage that it could do to your natural mane.