Lawyer… Lawyer

Imagine we are living in this world, where everything is in order (apparently) and there is nothing which one can say is out of order. Sun rises and brightens the whole world (everyone can see everything) and moon darkens the whole space of the world (nobody can see anything anywhere) this is all happening because Almighty has made these rules for everything prevailing in this world. Nobody can do anything and cannot change anything regarding this. Moreover, there is a law of this world that whoever has come in this world has to go off this world one day; no matter how hard he/she tries one cannot stay in this world. Similarly there are some human made rules too, such as: traffic rules, road rules, culture rules etc. there are so many other rules which they have made and everyone is following. Law is important; all of the before mentioned theory tells us.. That law is important no matter what and this world without law is just like a jungle and nothing else. There are some countries which are doing pretty good (by following the laws and implementing the laws) and there are some countries which are striving for the implementation of the laws.

Talking about law and order how can we not talk about the building lawyers himself (who is actually the knowledge holder of the law) when we say lawyer, the first things comes in our mind is a black coat and a court room (where a guy or a lady in a black coat is fighting for something which is true). Certainly there are so many kinds of lawyers some of these kinds are mentioned below:

Financial: any or every issue related to financial transactions, finance and commission are considered as headache for so many people (people like you and I) there are some boundaries which we have in mind and we just cannot compete with technicalities right! Simple the lawyer comes in; in this entire situation. Furthermore, issues related to shares, dividends, right shares and other financial aspects are taken care by these lawyers. They have separate licenses and they are practiced to solve such issues.

Labor: labor related issues, in mills, factories and industries where labors are not given proper rights or there are so many other issues which labors are facing these days. Hence labor lawyers are the people who take care of everything pertains to labor laws including compensation, labor working hours etc.

There are so many other types of construction law firms other than what were just mentioned above, but in such a short span of time all cannot be described. In other words every issue can be designated to one kind/type of lawyer.